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We upgraded to Lithium Batteries / What it took to get there and how they work for us

Updated: May 10, 2023

LaZina just published the video on why and how we upgraded to LFP on our RT27-OB NW edition.

We have a single Lithionics 320ah battery that provides us with 240ah of usable capacity. All of that capacity is at 12.0 volts or higher. We also left 160lbs of weight on the dock with this upgrade, and regained 2/3 of the center lazarette space back. The port lazarette we gained another 1/3 more space.

This was by far, the largest project I've done on the boat. The most technical and complex. I was glad I hired Bruce Schwab at Ocean Planet Energy to work with me on this. He reviewed my design, provided configuration assistance, and also reviewed the final installation.

But now I can use the hot water heater on the boat and I don't need shore power when out boating. LFP batteries have no minimum charge requirement. So when paired with solar (I have 400 watts of Solar), it's a fantastic setup. When that sun comes up in the morning, by 7 am, my batteries are often already being charged by a couple of amps. As the day goes on, the amount of amps increases. LFP also does not suffer from being in a partial state of change.

I really hate running shore power to guest marinas as it's rarely convenient. I also don't like being reliant upon a guest dock to have shore power.

If you've got an RT27-OB NW edition, you are free to use this design, as-is, without modification... same parts, same battery, same fuses, same everything... as it's been fully vetted by Ocean Planet Energy and approved by Lithionics via a paid engagement.

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