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New Bottom Paint!

With over 2 years sitting in salt water in the Pacific Northwest it was time to redo the bottom paint. I bought the boat new from the factory with Sea Hawk AF33 bottom paint. For re-painting, I opted for Sea Hawk Cukote as it's supposed to be a bit better than AF33. Cukote is compatible with AF33 so no additional prep was necessary.

I used Dagmars pressure washing station to pressure wash the bottom of the boat. I didn't have barnacles or salad growing. But I did have a slime forming, especially around the aft end of the boat. My fuel efficiency has been suffering as well.

It took 1 gallon of paint. If you're looking to do your RT27-OB, don't forget to hit the Yamaha F300 nose cone and the engine transom mount with anti-fouling paint as well. (see photos for illustration). The job is about 6-8 hours.

I hired George from Boat Stuff Marine Services to paint the bottom. He did a great job! Easy to schedule, easy to work with, affordable pricing. She looks new again!!

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