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TSUNAMI Advisory!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Ships log: January 15th, 2022

Friday, at noon, we set out on a mission to circumnavigate Fidalgo Island. First stop was Oak Harbor for fuel, then off to La Conner for the night.

We woke up this morning to a Tsunami Advisory. A volcano near Tonga erupted under water. An underwater volcanic eruption!!

We also woke up to a lot fog. We waited out the tsunami warning. The waves were supposed to hit Port Angeles around 9:30am. We left La Conner at 10:30am. Smooth sailing, flat seas the entire way. The fog was really thick, but after we got out of the North end of the Swinomish channel, visibility improved a lot. It was great to have AIS and Radar. Also, we weren't in a rush, so normal slowboat speeds.

Deception Pass was calm as we timed it near slack water. We never saw any waves from the tsunami. A very enjoyable winter cruise.

We're at Deception Pass State park for the night. There is PLENTY of dock space. They've upgraded the dock here considerably. In fact, it's so new that the brow is actually closed and we can't actually walk to shore! Ha!

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