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The Deep Freeze

I had time off work and was planning to soak some crab pots this week. Being the last week of Dungeness crab season, I wanted to leave them out all week and pull 'em daily to see what's for dinner.

I just got back from checking on the boat. ugh. The marina is frozen! All around Channel Surfing the ice is 1/4" thick in her slip. It made quite the crunchy sound as I stepped onboard and the boat rocked in the ice. At the end of the dock I saw 3/8th inch thick ice. No boat movements permitted with ice in the marina. It's not supposed to get above 25 degrees until Saturday. It's been down to 10degrees at night. We got over 5 inches of snow as well. So this is how winter crab season ends for me.

On the plus side, it was nice to be able to open up my phone, go to the Victron app, bring up the engine, thruster and house battery Victron Battery Smart Sense, which show voltage and temperature. The cockpit lazarette (port, starboard and center) are at 33 degrees. The cabin was comfortable as well. I've got a PALI engine/bilge heater in the center cockpit and another heater in the cabin that are working great. As a precautionary measure, I also drained the entire freshwater system onboard and emptied the SAN tank prior to the cold front coming in, just in case power was lost to the marina.


Video of the frozen Marina

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