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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I've been getting a lot of questions about the bow camera on our boat. We love hearing from you, so please, keep the questions coming! How do we pan the camera? How is the camera mounted? What kind of camera is it?

It's a Go Pro Max 360 camera. It's not your every-day routine-use camera. It's more work to get the footage off of. It records in 5.6k, but that's marketure and is misleading. The camera does, in fact, record at 5.6k, but that's because it films in a sphere, 360 degrees in all directions. Footage like that isn't very usable in a video. Once the footage is "framed", it outputs in 1080p. This makes zooming in for whales off the in distance not so great.

The GoPro Max camera has allowed us to capture some amazing boating in action in a way that we'd not otherwise be able to do. The Go Pro Max is also how we get the tiny planet pictures of our boat. When we're out boating, I need to be focused on driving the boat, pulling crab/shrimp pots, etc.... The Go Pro Max makes this easy for me as all I do it turn it on and press record. I don't point the camera in any direction.

Be sure to check out our latest video where I go over the bow camera in detail and show how it's used.

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