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Alaska Adventure 2023

We're making final preparations for our trip. We leave the end of May.

I added satellite tracking via Garmin InReach so you can track us along our journey.

We are planning to heavily document, video record, and publish our journey. We're looking to make this interactive with all of you. Please reach out to us with questions. If you've got any advice or suggestions for us, please be sure to let us know!

RT27-OB FB Private Group, "Alaska Adventure 2023" community chat.

We also have a Facebook public page.

We'll publish videos to YouTube as fast as we can put them together. This will make our scheduled releases unpredictable.

At our webpage I will also publish content to the Captains Blog, and I have published the link to our Garmin InReach (Satellite) tracker with the password (SE Alaska) which will report our position every 10 minutes so you all can see where we are at and where we have been in our journey.

LaZina will be publishing real-time content to Instagram. Martin will be publishing real-time content to Twitter, Facebook.

Martin will also publish to Captains Blog throughout the trip.

We expect to return home middle of July.

We also have a new email address:

Starlink Mobile - Regional.

5G/LTE Antenna, GXM-54 Weather Antenna, XM Music Antenna, Radar, 400 watts of Solar Power, VHF and AIS.

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2 commentaires

11 mai 2023

So happy to see you on your way. Thanks for taking me along!

En réponse à

Thank you!!

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