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We went with an Inflatable Sport Boats 8.8 Dolphin, inflatable floor, dinghy. 

Deflated, it will fit in the center cockpit storage area.  Once we moved our house battery bank to the center cockpit storage area, it no longer fits in there. 

We carry it around several ways.

  • Inflated

    • Upside down, on the T-Bar in the cockpit

    • Drag it behind the boat doing 8 knots or less. 

    • Vertical, on the starboard side, blocking the transom door.​

  • Deflated​

    • In the cockpit, port side.​

The T-Bar is made out of PVC and just slides right over the ski-tow bar.

We use a portable electric pump (120volt AC) powered via the inverter to inflate and deflate the dinghy. 

The Yamaha F2.5 outboard will push the dinghy at almost 5 knots at WOT.  We use our dinghy to get to/from shore in an anchorage.  The outboard weighs 35lbs and hold 1/2 a gallon of gas.  It can be laid down in the cockpit on it's side for transport without gas or oil leaking out.

We store it on the handrail on the transom when at anchor or a marina only. We also use this to flush the saltwater out.

The Dinghy is made by Inflatable Sport Boats, the Dolphin 8.8 with an air floor.  This is also available via our Affiliate Shop

I picked it because deflated, in its bag, it weights 60lbs.  Inflated, it'll haul up to 1070lbs and will move 4 adults.  We wanted to fit 3 adults and 3 dogs plus gear, safely to/from shore. 

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