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Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster Maintenance.

April 7, 2022

Submitted by: Annie Time (Perry)

Hi all.
Thought I would share my issue with my bow thruster. About a month ago coming into the dock I hit the bow thruster and it made a gear grinding sound with no help to move the bow. Not knowing what the issue was, I got on the forum here and with a short search, found a few threads describing what the possible cause could be. There were basically three options: 

1) the shear pin, which I checked right away. It was fine and intact. 
2) the prop 
3) the gear box 

I got a new gear box and prop on order which were next to impossible to find. MAURIPRO SAILING on the east coast somewhere, was the only vendor I could find that listed the parts and the only one I found that said they could deliver parts. I called at least a dozen others claiming they were parts distributors for Lewmar and sold parts. Not one of them had parts on hand. not even the prop. 

After a few weeks, I received the gear box but no prop. I still haven't gotten a prop from MAURIPRO SAILING. I reached out to the Factory at Range Tugs and they where able to help with a prop. 

With parts in hand, I pulled the boat out of the water not knowing what to expect. After a quick inspection, it was clear the prop was fine. After removing the gear box, it was clear what the issue was. Like in the other post I read, the cap on the gear box had fallen out. Salt water had gotten into the gear box and trashed the bearings, causing the gear to disengage. 

 That hole should have bearing in the end of that shaft and a plug in it. I was told it’s not a bad idea to put some 3m 4200 over the cap next time you have the boat out of the water.

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