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Victron CerboGX

Provides remote battery monitoring from home.

I installed a Victron CerboGX for remote electrical monitoring of Channel Surfing.

On my phone from anywhere I can now see battery and solar panel status via the the CerboGX, as a single pane of glass to see 12 volt DC consumption, solar power output, and battery charger status, all via  I use either the web site or their app on my phone or tablet.

I've made Channel Surfing's cerboGX data public to give you an idea of what data is available. Look at the past 90 days of usage at

Installation was relatively easy.  The CerboGX I mounted in the port lazarette.  It just needed 12 volt power, which I connected to the unswitched 12volt DC side. I connected the Victron MPPT Solar controller and Victron BMV712 battery monitor via ve.Direct cable to the CerboGX.  Then I connected the CerboGX via WIFI to the boat Internet router. 

If you don't have a wireless router onboard, the CerboGX also can connect via WI-FI to the Garmin chartplotter and will show you battery and solar status on the chartplotter and within the Garmin Active Captain app on your phone.

Victron CerboGX parts can be ordered at our Amazon Affiliate site.


Last updated: 9/3/2023

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