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Upgraded the stereo to support 3 independent zones.

We upgraded our Fusion 770 radio to a Garmin Fusion Apollo MS-RA 770.


We added a Fusion Marine zone (140 watt) amp and created 3 separate zones.  V-Berth, Cabin and Cockpit, each with different volume levels.  We also added 2 wireless WRX remotes (cockpit and v-berth) for convenient stereo controls throughout the boat.

The Apollo radio integrations with the Garmin chartplotter via Nema2k, it suoports Siruius XM radio, as well as bluetooth streaming. 

Install was pretty straight forward. The radio gets it's primary power from the 24x7 fuse block on a 20 amp fuse.  The ignition wire is connected to a fuse block behind the mirror in the head which is powered off when the house DC switch is turned off.  I tapped power for the 140 watt amp from behind the mirror fuse block. 

Last updated: 9/3/2023

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