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Smart Plug

Improved the shorepower connector. Easier and safer to use.

I upgraded our shorepower cable to a Smart Plug.


The benefit of the smart plug is better contact with shorepower. The twist-lock 30amp connector that's standard, when you connect to the boat you must ensure the connector is twisted fully clockwise, hold in place, while you tighten the collar.


If the connector is not fully twisted, it will have poor contact. This may lead to excessive heat build-up and could lead to a fire. This is really important during the winter months when it's common to run portable electric heaters on the boat.


The smart plug ensure great electrical contact, easy to connect/disconnect. I recommend everybody upgrade their shorepower cable to a smart plug.

I purchased the SmartPlug Combo kit, Marine, for 30 amps, stainless steel. The cost was about $210.  Install was fairly easy, and took a couple of hours.  I had to replace the plug in connector on the boat.  I also had to cut off the female side of my shore-power cable to connect the smart plug adapter to my shore-power cable.

I recommend that every boat that has a shorepower connection upgrade to the Smart Plug.


Last updated 9/3/2023

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