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PowerTech 4 Blade Propeller for better hole shot, improved stern lift, and other benefits.

This is the comparison against the 3 blade Yamaha factory prop vs a 4 blade PowerTech prop on a RT27-OB with the Yamaha F300.


Obviously, there's a lot of subjectivity to tests like this. When I tested the 3 blade I had flat seas and I did not have the Lenco Autoglide. When I tested the 4 blade the seas were calm as it was slack high tide, but not flat and I had the Lenco Autoglide. So it's likely that these numbers would improve on absolute flat seas. (The Lenco Autoglide will likely improve fuel efficiency).


Based on what I've seen, I do think this particular PowerTech prop is sized perfect for the R27-OB.

Personally, I like the PowerTech 4 blade prop as it feels more balanced and smooth. It gives better control and more thrust in reverse. I am able to stay on plane at slower speeds which gives me a wider band of speeds to operate between. I only lost about 3 knots of top end speed (down to 33knots at WOT). The Yamaha F300 hits it max horsepower rating at 5500 RPM, and the PowerTech 4 blade hits WOT at 5600RPM.

If you're looking to save on mpg, I don't think there's enough of a difference here to matter. Review the data closely and compare to your usage. I think the difference amounts more to personal preference.

I'm bought one for the following reasons:

  1. I want a spare prop as I will eventually ding the prop I have. (It happens, just a matter of 'when').

  2. We often run heavier, and having the extra blade helps with stern lift.

  3. The PowerTech 4 blade provides a wider band of operating speeds up on plane at slower speeds.

  4. Reverse thrust improvement.

  5. Smoother/more balanced feel of the prop.

  6. The cushion hub of the PowerTech 4 blade prop is softer/less clunky than that of the Yamaha 3 blade.

  7. Better grip at slower speeds, which amounts to more control while slow-boating or when in rougher seas.

The combination of the 4-blade prop and the Lenco Autoglide, hole-shot is amazing!  Probably as good as it could ever get.  As I drive up to a large wake it's easy to back off the throttle to neutral, bob through the wake, then hammer down and pop back on up plane.  No runway required.

The Yamaha OEM prop sells for about $670.  The PowerTech Offshore 4 blade Stainless prop was about $580. 

I bought mine at

15.25" x 15 pitch

CLYX200 (Yamaha Cushion Lok Hub)

Right hand rotation.


Last Updated: 9/3/2023

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