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For those days when I'm out of reach of LTE/5G.

I Built a power over ethernet injector to power Starlink off 12volts. 

I did not permanently install Starlink because the Mobile dish/terminal is not marine grade weather proof. 

I keep Starlink secured in the Starlink backpack and bring it out when I need it. I drop it into a rod holder and plug it into an weather proof network jack I installed in the cockpit.  This makes it easy to bring out and put away.

I do not use Starlink's router either..  I use the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5g router which also does LTE/Cellular and Wi-Fi. 

I also do not use Starlink while in-motion.

I've had great success using Starlink between Everett, WA and Glacier Bay, Alaska and everywhere in between. When there is no LTE signal, Starlink works.

Starlink uses about 45 watts whereas the LTE/5G router only pulls 6 watts. This is an enormous difference in power draw and it prevents me running Starlink 24x7.

Parts can be ordered at our Amazon Affiliate site.

Last updated: 9/3/2023

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