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Helm Switches

Upgraded the helm switch covers for a red horn and easier to read switches.

I upgraded the switch covers for all the helm switches.

My list of complaints:

  • I wanted a RED horn switch.

  • I wanted the Macerator to stand out so I don't accidentally hit it. 

  • Bilge Pumps - There are 3 on the boat. They were labeled Aft, Fwd, Bow. (The cockpit has a Fwd and Aft bilge pump).  I renamed them Fwd, Mid, and Aft bilge pumps.

  • I wanted a windlass switch that was labeled UP and DOWN.

  • I had one accessory switch unused, I made torpedoes. :)

I spent $160 to replace 8 horizontal switch covers and 6 vertical switch covers.  I purchased through  It took me 10 minutes to replace them all.

Last updated: 9/3/2023

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