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GPS Receiver

Improved GPS accuracy to within 1 meter.

I installed a Garmin GPS 24XD, NEMA 2k GPS receiver on Channel Surfing.

This provides accurate GPS position for the VHF Radio, Lenco Autoglide and the Garmin chart-plotter.  In addition, it also has a magnetic heading sensor built in so it'll be able to tell the chart-plotter and AIS which way the boat is pointing even when at anchor with the autopilot turned off.


The boat came stock using the GPS receiver built into the chart-plotter, there was no external antenna. It was accurate to within about 10 feet.

I installed the Garmin GPS 24XD inside the boat, directly stuck to the inside of the smoke stack. That's the highest place in the boat without going out on the mast. No holes had to be drilled for this installation.

When underway, the GPS accuracy on the chart-plotter shows a GPS error of 9.39ft. The GPS24XD shows a GPS error of 3.28 feet.

Since this is an actual GPS receiver, not just an antenna, it is always on, and always has a GPS fix. Thus, the VHF radio always has a GPS position regardless of whether the chart-plotter is on or not.

The GPS24XD can be ordered at our Amazon Affiliate site.

The hardest part of the install was running the 6 meter NEMA 2k cable from the base of the smokestack over to the starboard side dinette light. Then down into the cave. Then forward under the helm seat. Then under and around the throttle assembly and through the helm, to connect to the NEMA 2k bus.

Last update: 9/3/2023

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