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Ceramic Coating

Spend more time boating and a lot less time cleaning!

Ta Da! She's all done!! Cleaned and ceramic coated.

Every nook and cranny! Kevin at Premier Custom Ceramic Coating did a FANTASTIC job! The windows were also done with the ceramic coating as were all the stainless steel rails. The Yamaha outboard was also ceramic coated. Inside the entire cockpit was done, as well as the lip under the hatches which should make cleanup (scuppers) there much easier. The radar dome was also coated.  Cleaned, buffed, polished. Top to bottom, every inch of the exterior was touched at least 5 times, and now has two coats of ceramic coating over the entire exterior.


The R27-OB has a lot of glass. It's a selling point of the boat! We love the view. Window glass isn't porous enough for it too last more than a month or two, so it'll have to be re-applied as necessary which is to be expected. I'll stop using RainX and will be using the ceramic coating after-care for all the glass going forward. I can't believe the mirror finish it gives the glass!


What do I need to do to take care of it? Included with the coating service was a bottle of Hydroserum, carbon-infused maintenance coating for Auto-Marine-Aircraft-RV. Rinse the boat with freshwater after each trip. No need for salt-away or soap. The salt should just fall off and not stick to the boat. A couple times a year I'll go over it again with a microfiber cloth. A couple light spritz's, wipe on with a microfiber cloth. Wipe off with a clean/dry microfiber. No scrubbing, no buffing. I can even do the boat in smaller sections over time. Windows I'll clean as I have before, but will reapply the Hydroserum instead of RainX.


We apply the Hydroserum on the inside of the cabin also, to all the fiberglass and stainless (stove) as Kevin recommended.


The secret behind the shine is process AND product. The Hydroserum product applied is the best suited for a marine application. The process lays the groundwork with a good cleaning, buffing and polishing prior to application. This ensures a solid chemical bond of the ceramic coating. LaZina took a lot of video and pictures. We interviewed Kevin as well.


The boat's so clean, I was afraid to walk on it with my shoes.

What's it cost? About 80% of the labor was spent buffing and polishing the boat in preparation to apply the ceramic coating.  It's a very labor intensive process. The size of the boat, color of the boat, age of the boat, and condition of the boat all factor into how much it costs.  Because of this, please reach out to Kevin at Premier Custom Ceramic Coating directly for a cost estimate.

Last updated: 9/3/2023

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