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Anchor Light

Upgrade to a 3 watt LED bulb and save your battery bank.

I upgraded the anchor bulb from 10 watt to a 2 watt LED bulb. It may not sound like much, but this will save 6amp-hours in an 8 hour overnight/anchorage.. That's a 6% savings of the house battery bank on a stock RT27-OB NW edition.

The anchor light that came on a 2018-2022 RT27-OB is a Aqua Signal Boat MastHead Navigation Light 25000-7 Series 25, 12 volt.

The LED anchor lights are brighter too.

FS-42-30C is the part number.

"30-LED 42mm Cone End Festoon - Mini-Max".

You want the light color to be Cool White for an anchor light.

The anchor light assembly and the LED Festoon bulb can be found at our Amazon Affiliate site.

Total cost was $20. Labor was 5 minutes.

Last updated: 9/3/2023

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