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Bottom Paint Outboard

Bottom paint the outboard nose cone and transom bracket

We moor Channel Surfing in brackish water, (salt and freshwater) at the mouth of a river. 

Bottom paint needs to be re-done every 2-4 years, depending. Having a covered slip keep sunlight off the waterline and helps prevent growth enabling the paint to last longer. 


We bottom paint the transom bracket and nose cone of the Yamaha with Trilux 33. Do not use a copper based anti-fouling paint on the outboard.

Also note, the outboard, being aluminum, is not compatible with a copper based anti-fouling paint. Use Trilux 33 on the outboard and leave a 1 inch gap around the transom bracket to separate the two dissimlar anti-fouling paints.

Aluminium and copper in an electrolyte such as salt-water will cause galvanic corrosion to occur. Seahawk Cukote on the fiberglass hull, Trilux 33 on the aluminum transom bracket and Yamaha F300 nose cone.

Last updated: 9/18/2023

Lets go channel surfing - YouTube


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