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Bottom Paint Failure

Bottom paint failure

If you an see your hull paint through the bottom paint, it's time to re-do it.

If you feel slime and see growth forming on your hull, it's probably time to re-do your paint.

A common method to help tell when it's time to re-do bottom paint would be to apply two coats and use two different colors. Apply the first coat as red paint, and the second coat as black. When you see the red bottom paint begin to show through you will know you're halfway there.

I had two coats of paint put on, and did not do two differnet colors mainly due to cost. 1 gallon of bottom paint is expensive (about $340/gallon), and it takes just under 1 gallon of paint to apply 2 coats to the bottom of an R27-OB.

Last updated: 9/20/2023

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