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Bottom Paint

Bottom paint the fiberglass hull.

We moor Channel Surfing in brackish water, (salt and freshwater) at the mouth of a river. Having a covered slip keep sunlight off the waterline and helps prevent growth enabling the paint to last longer. 

Bottom paint needs to be re-done every 2-4 years, depending on your environment.

The boat came from the factory with Seahawk AF33 bottom paint. The original paint was applied by CSR Marine. We got 2 1/2 years out of the original bottom paint.

We pressure washed and cleaned the bottom, taped off the bottom of the boat and applied SeaHawk Cukote which is compatible with AF33. That saved us from having to sand off the old paint.  It's important to know what paint was originally applied to your boat as not all paints are compatible with each other.

Seahawk Cukote is compatible with Seahawk AF33.

Also note, the outboard, being aluminum, is not compatible with a copper based anti-fouling paint. Use Trilux 33 on the outboard and leave a 1 inch gap around the transom bracket to separate the two dissimlar anti-fouling paints.

Copper based anti-fouling paint (which AF33 and Cukote are), when applied to aluminum, placed into an electrolyte (salt water) will create galvanic corrosion. This is the reason for the 1 inch gap in paint around the engine transom bracket.

Last updated: 9/20/2023

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