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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coat after-care.

About every 6 months (usually, before boating season and after boating season) I will go over the entire boat with the ceramic coat after-care.

Application is easy. Wash the boat first and make sure it's completely dry.

Use two cloths, one to apply, one to remove. Spray the ceramic coating hydraserum onto one cloth then wipe onto a small area of the boat. Using the other cloth, simply wipe off. No scrubbing, no buffing, no elbow grease. Spray and wipe off.

Also apply to all the windows and the stainless steel bars. It usually takes 2 coats to apply. The coating will last about 4 weeks on glass and stainless because the surface is not very pourous. It acts as rain-x on the glass and works really well.

Last updated: 9/20/2023

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